Is amex concierge better than chase concierge?

is amex concierge better than chase concierge? Premium benefits are available to those who pay for premium credit cards. Travel credits, trip delay insurance, and concierge services are a few examples.

These concierge services can help you with meal reservations, city guides, performance tickets, and more if you’re unfamiliar with them.

is amex concierge better than chase concierge

Concierge services are provided by both American Express and Chase, albeit they are not quite the same. Let’s examine their differences to help you choose which is ideal.

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What Is a Concierge for Credit Cards?

Top-tier credit card holders can take advantage of a credit card concierge service. These include credit cards like the American Express Platinum Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.

Both businesses boast that their concierges are available around-the-clock and can assist with various daily and travel-related duties.

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Concierges can assist with various requests, such as organising a marriage proposal, organising a birthday celebration, and even assisting with medical care coordination, in addition to usual requests like reserving theatre tickets and difficult-to-get restaurant reservations.

The Services Offered by Chase Concierge

Visa offers concierge services with its premium credit cards from Chase. Chase promotes 24/7 availability to assist with dining, entertainment, and travel requests, as with Visa Infinite cards. This perk includes the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred, two of Chase’s well-known Sapphire credit cards.

You must dial the Visa Infinite concierge’s number to get in touch with them. Calling 1-877-660-0905 will connect you to the concierge service within the US. You’ll need to dial 1-312-800-4290 from a foreign country.

The Chase Freedom card is among the Visa Signature cards offered by Chase that provide concierge services.

What Services Offers American Express Concierge?

At least on paper, Amex offers a complete concierge service experience. You can contact them for meals, travel, performance tickets, transportation requirements, pet care, and even assistance in an emergency medical situation.

is amex concierge better than chase concierge

Additionally, American Express offers the Premium Global Assist Hotline, which offers a wide range of assistance and travel-related services.

1 By phoning the hotline, you can receive a medical evacuation, receive an emergency wire payment, learn the weather, monitor your missing luggage, and get help getting a new passport.

2 There are several methods to contact American Express’s concierge service. Go to the American Express app, select the account tab, and then scroll down to “Contact Us” to get in touch with them.

You can make reservations for meals and travel by clicking “Chat With Us,” though you may also be switched to a live assistant if needed.

Additionally, Amex Platinum cardholders can reach a concierge by calling 1-800-525-3355.


Certain cardholders can make speciality restaurant reservations using Amex’s collaboration with Resy, an app-based booking platform, without ever using the Amex concierge.

The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, The Business Platinum Card from American Express, The Platinum Card from American Express, The Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, and The Centurion Card are some of the American Express cards that include concierge services (as well as its business version).

The Comparison of Amex Concierge and Chase Concierge

For this test, we requested city maps, dining reservations, and information on unusual activities in Tel Aviv and Israel.

Hold Periods

Although the current state of travel has resulted in long, annoying hold times, the concierge service should be effortless. That was regrettably not the case.

America Online

It’s challenging to convey how annoying using the American Express concierge service was. Before the phone line disconnected, we first waited for two hours on hold. After being put on hold, we waited for a response via the app for four hours; regrettably, we never received one.

The chat customer service representative told us to return to the app when we attempted to connect through the American Express website. Once more, there was silence.

After placing a second call at midnight, the flight booking team received two wrong transfers. The caller had to wait again on hold before reaching the concierge service. A concierge eventually answered after 20 minutes.


A representative returned the call within two minutes of placing a call to the Visa Infinite Concierge service.


Although both crews were kind, American Express’s problems meant that smiles meant little.

America Online

We spoke with two customer service agents on the phone and three more agents via chat before we could effectively contact the American Express concierge staff. Finally, after all that, we could speak with a concierge. They were all cordial and expert.

The concierge could provide recommendations for restaurants but not for city guides or things to do. He advised us to phone the same number again during business hours and request assistance from the travel team with city tours.

He asked about dietary restrictions, spending limits, and preferred dining time when making restaurant choices.


The concierge at Visa Infinite was likewise quite competent. While the concierge at American Express asked the usual questions, this concierge went above and above with their assistance.

They began by requesting specific information about each element of our demands. When making restaurant reservations, they asked about the party’s spending limit, dietary restrictions, desired dining hours, and location inside Tel Aviv.

The concierge then recommended a west-facing restaurant for us to eat at around 7 o’clock to see the August sunset. To ensure that the overall ambience of the restaurant selections matched what we preferred most, they also investigated our all-time favourite restaurants and investigated them.

The concierge asked about our interests in activities and made suggestions, such as sailing, snorkelling, glamping, stargazing, Dead Sea spa treatments, and falconry, based on our choices. They all fit our broad criteria for “cool, distinctive activities within greater Israel.”

Our chat with the Chase concierge lasted 30 minutes, during which time she asked us detailed questions about everything we would require.

Even though they could not send us city guides immediately, they sent a request on our behalf rather than asking us to phone them later.


American Express and Chase responded quickly, although their suggestions varied.

America Online

Even though the American Express concierge took a very long time to respond and we could not obtain any city guides, their response time with restaurant choices surpassed Chase’s by a full two days.

American Express provided a quick response, suggested four places, described the food and environment, and displayed the availability of reservations for each.


Although Chase’s concierge service was significantly less annoying than American Express’s, it lagged slightly behind actual results. Despite receiving restaurant descriptions and expected price ranges, we did not indicate when reservations would be available. Compared to American Express, it took two extra days to get restaurant ideas.

The promised city guides showed up 14 days after our initial request. They were quite conventional and contained nothing of what we had informed the concierge, even though they were helpful. Given the quantity of data our concierge had asked us, they were generally disappointing.

Are there any differences between the Amex and Chase Concierges?

The current state of travel has likely resulted in a reduction in American Express service. After all, the Amex concierge is a member of an inside group focused on serving American Express clients.

Chase uses the Visa Infinite or Visa Signature concierge service for its clients. We would have anticipated this would be the least preferable choice given the diversity of Visa Infinite cards available.

Whether American Express or Chase is better depends on your circumstances. Although the experience with Chase was better, the recommendations arrived much later and felt less tailored to our needs.

We had difficulty using American Express and couldn’t receive anything we needed. However, suggestions appeared earlier and looked more in line with our requests.

Overall, neither American Express nor Chase truly outperformed each other, but Chase would come out on top. Although American Express supplied more useful advice, we’ll choose the roughly uniform choices provided by Chase over the tiresome task of contacting the American Express concierge.

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